Alumni Spotlight


Aman vakharia

Aman, who pledged with the Lambda class of Alpha Kappa Psi, graduated in Spring 2018 with his degree in Finance and Information Technology and Systems. As a Portfolio Risk Analyst at Ally Financial, he got the opportunity to develop his analytical skills and learn about the auto finance industry.

Aman will be returning to the University of Texas at Dallas in the Fall of 2019 to pursue a M.S. in Business Analytics.

“Pledging with AKPsi is so beneficial in so many ways. It’s a chance to develop the person you are into the person you want to become. This isn’t just in a professional context, but also in a social one. Through AKPsi I’ve seen myself generate a very close bond with all my pledge brothers that still stands strong even 4 years later. Pledging AKPsi also molded my professional demeanor and turned me into someone capable of holding their own in a professional setting. Before AKPsi, I had to think twice about how I conveyed myself professionally and how I thought about professional interactions; they’d often intimidate me. After using the guidance AKPsi gave me, however, I had a new sense of confidence and was able to speak professionally without getting nervous or intimidated by the setting.

No other organization could have matched my personal and professional interests more. For that combination of reasons, I would recommend pledging AKPsi to anyone who could benefit from a similar experience.”

-Aman Vakharia


Benjamin Baker

Benjamin pledged in Spring 2016 with the Lambda class served as the president for the Mu Rho chapter in 2017. He recently graduated with his Accounting B.S. degree. 

His favorite memory was the brotherhood retreat to Fossil Rim in Spring 2016. This was when Benjamin discovered the scope of Brotherhood within AKPsi. He believes experiences like retreat helps brothers make inside jokes and memories.

Benjamin recently worked as a Tax Intern at Montgomery Coscia Greillich, LLP, where he prepared tax returns (specializing in Corporate 1120s and Partnership 1065s) and created workpapers to estimate quarterly tax provisions.

Would Benjamin recommend pledging Alpha Kappa Psi?


Just kidding, of course I would recommend it. Alpha Kappa Psi is the kind of organization where the sky truly is the limit. It's a place where you can realize your full potential as a student and a leader - but most importantly it is a place where you can fail. That's how we learn, by understanding our mistakes. I've gotten so much out of this organization because it was a safe place to try new things and learn where I could have improved. This environment really is a unique experience, unlike anything else I've been involved in throughout my college career. Affiliation with Alpha Kappa Psi is one of the best things you can do to kick-start or complement your academic and professional acumen.”

-Benjamin Baker

Liz Wood


Liz pledged in the Fall of 2016 with the Mu class and eventually founded the Wood Family of the Mu Rho chapter. She recently graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting and will now be pursuing a Master’s degree in accounting. In the spring of 2019, Liz worked as an audit intern with KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler) in the Downtown Fort Worth Area. During the internship, Liz collaborated with several teams and learned how to create workpapers for different sections of the income statement and balance sheet. Endowed with a lot of responsibility, she got the experience of becoming an active contributor on her team.

“No matter where you are in your college career, I can guarantee that Alpha Kappa Psi will be able to provide some sort of value that no other organization at UT Dallas can. Whether you are looking for a chance to improve as a professional, a way to earn leadership skills, an opportunity to be a mentee/mentor, or a group of friends that will stay with you past college, AKPsi has you covered. I came into college with no intention of joining a social fraternity/sorority, but Alpha Kappa Psi is different--it is the perfect blend of professional and social. While I am no longer an active member of AKPsi, I still reap many benefits by not only having a large alumni group to reach out to for advice and job opportunities, but I can now give back and help young, college professionals in achieving their future goals.”

-Liz Wood

Nousheen Karimi


Nousheen pledged with the Lambda class of Alpha Kappa Psi. Nousheen graduated in 2018 with her degree in International Business and Finance. She also received a sales certification upon her graduation.

Nousheen is currently traveling across the country for training and work with IBM. She believes in constant growth even after college and constantly make effort to learn new things through IBM’s educational tools.

“It gives you the opportunity to meet people outside of your social circle and grow both professionally and personally. You’re working alongside colleagues that have learned the ins and outs of the job market and can be your mentor throughout your college experience.”

-Nousheen Karimi

Vihan Saraf


Vihan, who served as the Vice President of Membership for more than a year, helped several pledges in becoming principled business leaders. Vihan pledged in Spring 2016 with the Lambda class and recently graduated with his Bachelors of Science degree in Finance and Economics. Vihan also cherishes the friends that he made with his pledge brothers.

After graduating, Vihan joined the Prudential Capital group as an investment analyst where he reviews, structures, and executes debt and equity investments for the Dallas Global Renewables Team.

“There are choices in college that you make which define the experience you will have, friends you will make, and memories you will look back in. Invest in and define that future with a truly life-changing organization that pushes you to grow professionally and personally.”

-Vihan Saraf

Yannis Shafi


Yannis pledged with the chapter in Spring 2016 with the Lambda class, and held the Vice President of Public Relations. Yannis will now be pursuing a Master’s degree in accounting as a part of his PPA (Professional Program in Accounting) program.

Yannis remembers all the trips that he took with Alpha Kappa Psi. He remembers traveling to San Francisco, Boston, Conroe and Galveston, where he got the chance to explore these new cities and bond with brothers. From walking around the freezing Boston streets to hanging out at the lake in Conroe, those trips allowed him to forget about the stresses of school and foster the brotherhood outside of UT Dallas.

“For someone who is not looking to join your “typical fraternity” and wanting to improve themselves professionally, then Alpha Kappa Psi is the perfect organization for you. It allowed me to really grow and develop myself, especially at a young age. I was able to get a leg up on my peers and learn more about the professional world outside of the classroom. Additionally, Alpha Kappa Psi provides you with various leadership roles and opportunities for you to excel and add to your resume. Overall, this organization helped get me to where I am today and what you put in is what you get out of it.”

-Yannis Shafi