You finally found narrow spot in a vicious parking lot full of your peers all with a common problem, you’re late for class and the narrow spot was a tiny little Fiat. When I first came to UTD, two years ago, commuting about 45 minutes just to get to school seemed like such a hassle, but now it seems like I can just get on the highway and boom I’m on campus. I didn’t rush Alpha Kappa Psi until I was a sophomore, so while I already knew what commuting was like, everything changed once I joined.

As students, we’re no strangers to studying till super late at night and we all have our own places across campus to stud. But as commuters, I’m sure many of you have found yourself finally taking a break and looking at your phone and it’s suddenly 1:00 am; and depending on how much caffeine is still in your bloodstream and how sleep deprived you are, it’s possible you may need to crash on campus. As a commuter I was enamored that some of the brothers took the kindness out of their heart, and their apartments, and offered to let me crash should the need ever arise.

With UTD still being primarily a commuter school Alpha Kappa Psi realizes that they need to make events accessible for both people who live on or near campus, and those who commute from different parts of the DFW metroplex. AKPsi keeps commuters in mind by planning events in different parts of the Dallas area so that they are relatively close for everyone.

When I attended my first rush event I was assumed most of the people in the organization lived on campus. To my surprise, an alarming number of brothers were also commuters who felt knew the same struggle. Hearing about how my peers can juggle school and their professional jobs/internships and holding leadership positions throughout many different organizations on campus really motivated me to take control of my own future. The professional rigor in the pledge process and the constant support of my AKPsi brothers helped me get an internship for the summer of 2018 and very recently helped me get a promotion to a Sr. Branch Associate at BBVA Compass.

While I expected AKPsi to solely be a professional organization that shapes you to be a better leader for tomorrow, I found it to be all that and much more. From all of the great alumni who gave me great advice on how to get ahead in my career at an early stage to my pledge brother’s I’m glad I met my brothers in AKPsi because I can honestly say they are some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. As a commuter I don’t know how I would get through school without the help of AKPsi.