+ What is Alpha Kappa Psi?

Alpha Kappa Psi is the premier co-ed professional fraternity. We are focused on professionally developing our members to prepare them for strong careers in business. We center our teachings and activities around the values of unity, brotherhood, integrity, service, and knowledge.

+ What is a Business Fraternity?

A business fraterntity is similar to an honor society in that it emphasizes the importance of learning and growth outside of the classroom. The "fraternity" part serves as a way to develop life long friendships and build long lasting relationships beyond college.

+ Can I be part of another organization and still join?

Absolutely! We love it when brothers are actively involved on and off campus. Many of our brothers are involved in a variety of organization across campus, including honors programs, student media, as well as other business organizations. Additionally, it is also okay to be a member of another fraternity/sorority on campus, so long as it is not another professional fraternity.

+ What is Rush?

Rush is a week of events held before the pledge process. It is designed to educate potential new members of the fraternity about its values and operations of our chapter. It also allows for potential new members to meet current brothers and hear about their experience, as well as how Alpha Kappa Psi has helped them. Most of rush is open to anyone. After some events have passed, however, select students will be called in for the chance to interview for a chance to pledge the fraternity (the chance to receive a bid). This interview will conclude rush, and present the interviewees with the opportunity to show the brothers how they carry themselves in a business setting. We hope you attend our rush events and look forward to seeing you there!

+ Do I have to be a business major to rush AKPsi?

Not at all! The invitation to join Alpha Kappa Psi is extended to people of all majors at the University. We believe that everyone can gain valuable knowledge and experience from being a part of our brotherhood!

+ What is the pledge process like?

The pledge process is designed to build your professional skills, while testing your ability to coordinate various business tasks. You will be challenged with learning about our fraternity and its values. You will also be involved in a variety of professional development events which will give you the opportunity to network with various industry professionals. Finally, you will gain a second family through your pledge class. You're all in this together. Make it count.

+ What can I gain from Alpha Kappa Psi?

Alpha Kappa Psi will allow you to gain a jumpstart on your peers by teaching you different tasks that will help you not only with your coursework, but also put you in a position to obtain an internship or full time job. Additionally, Alpha Kappa Psi strives to challenge its members to pursue leadership positions and get involved with various committees.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us! We'll be in touch.