Alpha Kappa Psi creates lifelong brotherhood and lasting relationships. Our brothers are always with us, in person or in spirit, regardless of when times get difficult


At Mu Rho, we believe in doing the right thing, regardless of whether its the most efficient way of doing things. In all acts, small or large, we like to ensure that our acts are honest, reputable, and honorable


The brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi Mu Rho are a team. We always work constructively to build towards a better goal. The team partakes in all the chapter's endeavors as a unit and assumes responsibility as a unit, whether we succeed or fail


Mu Rho works hard to give back to the community by volunteering its time both on and off campus for causes we feel are important. Service is our way of showing we care about the community we participate in


The brothers of Mu Rho are successful because they are eager to continuously learn new things. We value the will to learn greatly because it encourages curiosity and active membership with our brothers