A Brief History

Alpha Kappa Psi was conceived during the winter of 1903-1904 at New York University. The founding members Howard M. Jefferson, Frederic R. Leach, Nathan Lane, Jr. and George L. Bergen grew to be close friends while attending night classes, and walked home together each night over the Brooklyn Bridge, becoming the “Brooklyn Four”. They began to reach out to potential class members and as the 1904 term drew to a close, The Brooklyn Four were joined at the Hotel St. Denis by Robert S. Douglas, Irving L. Camp, Daniel V. Duff, Morris S. Rachmil, and Herbert M. Wright with only William O. Tremaine missing from attendance. After school resumed a meeting was held on October 5, 1904 where the decision was made to officially organize the fraternity with Robert Douglas being elected president.

In the spring of 1905, a formal application was made to New York for a charter of incorporation for Alpha Kappa Psi. The application was approved and the charter of incorporation was officially issued in the name of Alpha Kappa Psi on May 20, 1905.

Members of Alpha Kappa Psi have held almost every major political position in the United States, including the presidency and vice-presidency. There are 245 active college chapters, 66 active alumni chapters, and over 200,000 members.

AKPsi Mu Rho at a glance....

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Our Executive Board


Lina Lan

Executive Vice President

Felix Tsai

Vice President of Membership

Nousheen Karimi

Vice President of Alumni Relations

Zahra Merchant

Vice President of Finance

Grace Yang

Vice President of Recruitment

Catherine sun

Master of Rituals

Hugo Marroquin

Chief of Staff

Benjamin Baker